We often get asked why we don’t offer larger courses in a classroom setting, and the answer is simple: it isn’t as effective. Our group sessions max out at 3 students, which allows the tutor to give each student individual attention (while still keeping prices low) – a feat that is nearly impossible in classrooms with 20-30 students present.

Additionally, clients can arrange their own groups and are able to schedule sessions at times that are convenient for everyone, which means students work alongside friends and/or classmates and can select session dates/times that work around their hectic schedules.

Simply put, group tutoring is the most cost effective way to get personalized attention. We ensure that our clients arrange groups in which students have similar abilities, thereby avoiding the unavoidable, pervasive problem of having to “teach to the lowest common denominator” in a large classroom setting.

Students learn many subjects in school, but the NYC educational system neglects test preparation that would propel their college career. Many clients who have chosen group tutoring have done so to prepare for Subject Tests or AP exams, and some even for covering the fundamentals of SAT/ACT preparation, but the majority use it to help students determine which test — the SAT or ACT — they are best suited for. Students are introduced to the basic rules, strategies, and concepts of both exams and can explore how each fits their individual strengths and weaknesses. Taking either test without any preparation to determine which is the better fit yields little, if any, conclusive evidence. For instance, a lot of students get low score on the ACT when they take it blindly and therefore decide to focus on the SAT. In reality, if the student had done even a few hours of introductory prep for the ACT, they would’ve known what to expect and done far better. Investigating both options helps ensure that students make informed decisions about which test to really focus their time on.

group of students studying together

Our tutors will help students explore a variety of strategic options for a particular problem type, working to determine which functions best for them. The one-on-one environment ensures that tutors can spend their full attention on the student needs without having to cater to the needs of other students.

A lot of our clients choose to start with group tutoring to cover the fundamentals at a lower cost, then they move into one-on-one tutoring to get the vital personal guidance/assistance.


EDGE stands for Enrich, Define, Grow, Empower.  Knowledge is the key to get that edge that leads your child to success. Knowledge cannot be spoon-fed, but rather gained through learning and experience. Here at The Edge Tutoring Center, we help your child to build that EDGE that make your child stand out from the crowd. Start gaining an Edge today.


2-32 to 3 small group is perfect for less than 4 students that share common interests while having similar ability and needs.

Let the dream begins…

The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called ‘truth’.
– Daniel Irvin Rather


Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.

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